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  • gccovet
    02-09 02:43 PM
    Thanks Akhil,

    Here are the details:

    Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #1E592259U64890231) $25


    Thank you Chantu, good luck for job, I hope and pray you get it soon...

    11 contriburotrs so far.. total=353.00

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  • qplearn
    10-05 11:03 AM
    If the Democrats win, at least hope that CIR would pass, which alredy includes our visa numbers increase.

    If Republicans will, we are screwed none of immigration friendly bill will pass

    This is true. A majority of the Dems are sensible people. BTW, although they are against outsourcing, they are not against immigration. The two issues are quite different.

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  • gc28262
    03-07 11:02 AM
    Good point, has anybody asked this to any lawyer ? Can we challenge this in court ? This is the definition of judiciary review...If we can proove the country cap to be unconstitutional..

    Judicial Review is when the Supreme Court reviews an act of Congress to see if it is Constitutional.
    Judicial Review is the power of the Supreme Court to declare a law unconstitutuion (violation against the laws of the Constitutuion).

    Do we have any reference to say it is unconstitutional ? If EB country cap is unconstitutional, FB cap would be unconstitutional too.

    IMO this entire country cap rule has racist intent. If the caps were to promote diversity, the cap should be based on ethnicity of US population (ctizens and GC holders). Are Indians and Chinese a a mjority in this country ? No.

    How does putting a cap on total visa allocation per year promote diversity ?

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  • vij
    06-18 09:54 AM
    who knows?
    My friend sent her package on may 18th and she saw on uscis that they dated the receipt as june 1st... so that can give you an idea.
    I sent mine on June 1st....nothing yet.
    on june 6th the immigration.com breaking new claims there is a backlog of receipt for up to 45 days.
    I am expecting to get mine at least by june 30th because with the flood of applications on july first....whoi knows

    Hi Techbuyer77, do you know when your friend got her receipt notice. I also applied in may and still waiting


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  • Hitech-coolie
    10-08 09:33 PM
    Hi All
    I will ask you in a specific manner .Will you guys help me?

    1. Till now I worked on contract as a SAP Consultant with BIG 4 companies and piled up a lot of responsbilities. I got my EAD and one of the BIG wants me to join as Associate Partner- SAP. Can I accept it on EAD?

    2.Till now my salary is USD 65,000+Bonus.With bonus my salary is in the range of 120K -140K. But now the BIG 5 offers me a salary in the range of USD 180K -200K.
    Can I accept the 'offer' based on the above points and use my EAD?
    Or is it a violation of AOS rules?
    Appreciate if you throw light on this specific case
    Hi Tech Coolie

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  • h1techSlave
    05-01 10:58 AM
    I think this is an unexplored point. Thanks for bringing it up guys.

    I think IV needs to hire a good immigration attorney. May be IV can start a new funding drive to see, if members are really interested this hiring an attorney. The same attorney also can help us by answering our questions.


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    12-14 06:13 PM
    You are right CIR does contain provisions that allow workers to self petition.
    And yes, SKIL does not allow us to self petition, it is a travesty.

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  • iptel
    12-10 10:13 PM
    Beleive it or not I found this posting in http://www.steinreport.com/

    My 8 selfish American colleagues almost costed our company a $1.8 million project, simply because they could not cancel their preplanned trip to Bahamas. They went on their trip despite being warned 8 months in advance by our boss about a possible tough period during the critical design review of the project by the customer during the month of December.

    My 5 hardworking H1B employees helped us out with the project resource planning,allocation layouts, financial statements, project planning and estimation analysis. 3 of them cancelled their trip to their home country just to save our business.

    My boss is absolutely incensed and is going to fire these workers once they come back from their vacation.

    Agreed that they are not expected to work more than 40 hours per week but during tough times their should be a certain sense of committment and solidarity towards your employer which was clearly lacking in my American colleagues.

    According to my boss the current generation of American college graduates is the laziest he has ever seen and clearly ill equipped to handle tough job assignments during a time of crisis. He is lobbying very hard to get the SKIL bill passed and increase access for American businesses to global talent.


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  • anilkumar0902
    09-14 11:36 AM

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  • snathan
    02-09 09:30 PM
    $ 799 so far....lets cross $1000 today.

    Come on guys......


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  • SKK2004
    08-25 04:35 PM
    Being out of the backlog elimination center and waiting in this line since 2004, trust me when I say this circus isn't new to me :)!

    your are very welcome.

    Chill, relax and live everyday ( this USCIS circus is no fun).

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  • JunRN
    08-29 03:17 PM
    NSC's receipting up-date is like fooling us around. It seems to me that if they touched one application with a date - July 24 - then it will declare in the Receipting up-date that it is already processing July 24 cases and yet, they are not yet finished with July 2 to 23 applications.


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  • gsc999
    06-21 11:50 AM
    Yes, we have to wait for CIR to die. Sooner the better, because once House Republicans start holding hearings on CIR, this slow death for CIR might stretch beyond July. Extended mockery of house legistlative process will leave us hanging in a limbo.

    Once this CIR charade is over we can move a new bill with only legal immigration provisions through Senate. Hopefully, Democrats will regain House majority this November. Even if they don't, this will be a litmus test for house republicans who have been so vocal in supporting the streamlining of legal immigration.

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  • bugsbunny
    05-03 12:46 PM
    Hi, all:

    I have a few questions regarding changing job, if anyone knows it , please reply to me. My current situation is:

    (1). I-485 was sumitted on 07/2007 and it is still pending. EB3 category.
    (2). EAD card valid until 10/2012.
    (3). H1-B visa valid until 03/2012 through my current employer.

    I find another job which similar to what I-140 describes. But this new employer is a job agency and unwilling to tranfer my H1-B visa. It wants me to work on my EAD card on 1099 form.

    So, my questions are:

    (1). Will it be problem if I work as independent contractor on 1099 form not W2 form?
    i think you can do this on EAD but confirm with and immigration attorney

    (2). Is there any problem to new my EAD card since I lost my H1-B visa?
    you can work on EAD without H1B but you will be carrying more risk

    (3). Do I need to inform INS about this job changing? If so, what docuements I need to submit?
    Yes you should file AC 21 related forms and supporting documents. your new job should be in "same or similar" category as you GC job as defined by dept. of labor job codes and descriptions.
    BTW its not INS anymore its USCIS

    (4). What if my current employer revoke my I - 140, does that mean my GC will be denied? what should I do if I want to keep legal?
    Make sure you obtain a copy of your approved I-140. If your current employer revokes it, USCIS might send you a RFE or NOID and you will need to respond with letter of employment from the new employer and submit supporting documentation that your I-140 was already approved and that your new job is similar to the old one.



    see answers inline
    you can also ask your questions during the free weekly attorney calls we have on thursdays


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  • sankap
    07-09 10:20 PM
    In that case, I *guess* you can show yourself as "permanently self-employed" for your own company--should be easy if you have an LLC that does business in "same or similar" occupation (e.g., consulting/PM). Should also be easy to state the *projected" yearly income on EVL.

    First read this post.


    This should clear your doubt. You can read RFE issued by USCIS on other forum as well. The word "permanent" is right there.


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  • r_mistry
    02-07 11:32 AM
    Actually You have to PHYSICALLY present in Canda for 2 years in a 5 year period since the date landed.

    Hi Lasantha,

    Not that i want to question your input but would greatly appreciate if you could point me to the official ruling or link where i can find this information. I tried to search for this on official canadian immigration web site but could not find one.

    Thanks again !!


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  • arihant
    05-02 11:40 AM
    The relief for EB3 comes because a lot of EB2's/EB1's will be gone from the quota. So, if the queue is smaller, you get it faster. The way I look at it, we want the queue to be smaller.

    mrajatish is right.

    Also, if you have an advanced degree from an acredited university outside US AND have been working for 3 years in a related field, you will also be exempt from the cap regardless of whether you are applying/have applied in EB2 or EB3 (believe me...you would think that people with advanced degrees would have applied in EB2...but there are cases where people have had to apply in EB3 category even with an advanced degree).

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  • feedfront
    11-19 02:55 PM

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  • sunty
    08-18 01:30 PM
    In my humble opinion USCIS cannot be sued for NOT following their own guidelines. Thats the difference between guidelines and laws...But again I am not a lawyer.

    11-17 05:24 PM

    Please contact members of congress by clicking on the action alert below.

    It will only take less than a minute for you. We are requesting adding amendments in the DREAM Act coming up. This campaign will help the DC advocacy work we are doing on this bill.

    ImmigrationVoice.org - Advocacy -- DREAM Act: Help the Legal Immigrants (http://immigrationvoice.capwiz.com/immigrationvoice/issues/alert/?alertid=19787501)

    Please spread the word everywhere for more participation

    Please post on this thread once you have sent the email. Keep this thread up for the next few days.

    08-28 06:42 PM
    My application reached NSC on 1st Aug.

    Checks have not been cashed.
    No Reciepts
    EB2 from India
    PD Oct 2003

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