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  • asdqwe2k
    01-21 05:52 PM

    U.S. companies are also clamoring for more H1B visas to allow foreign software engineers and other skilled workers into the country.

    The 65,000 visas allotted for 2007 were taken by the end of May last year, months before the end of the fiscal year in September, said Jack Krumholtz, the head of Microsoft Corp.'s government affairs office. It is also difficult to get permanent U.S. residency for foreign workers who would like to stay, he said.

    "This is becoming for high-tech companies a huge retention issue," Krumholtz said. "We will start to see highly valued tech employees emigrate back to their home countries."

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  • jonty_11
    02-20 05:38 PM
    guys, why even bother waste your time on this. Please help IV gear up a movement to end retrogression. Please donate, make other IV aware...and send in ur stories......How do u think number crunching will help us....apart from making us feel worse.

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  • slc_ut
    05-29 04:27 PM
    OK Prashant, got it. Thanks.

    You can fill up these forms save and exit without picking a date ..
    after u have save ur application it shouldnt take more than a minute when u want to pick a date .. I guess u got keeping looking ..

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  • sss123
    10-15 02:37 PM
    Hi Sam,

    I am in same situation i didn't receive the cards did you find any thing about your card. please let me know it helps me a lot.



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  • arihant
    10-26 11:52 AM
    I got approval of H1 extension applied on Aug. 06...
    Was this premium or regular processing?

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  • gconmymind
    09-29 02:06 PM
    My wife had her 485 FP on Friday. We had filed her 485 last month, mine was filed last July. Both our 485s have soft LUD on 9/26, 9/27 and 9/29. No status update. Should I read anything into it??


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  • aristotle
    01-31 01:48 PM

    Let me explain in a bit more detail..

    Suppose you have an approved I140 from company A and got the 3 year H1 extension because of it. Now you transfer to Company B and got the full 3 years of H1 transferred. And Company A revoked your I140 after you left.

    You cannot transfer to Company C at this point as there is no approved I140 to support your transfer. You cannot extend your H1 with Company B unless
    A) your labor has been pending for more than a year OR
    B) your I140 is approved

    One your I140 is approved with Company B, you are in a good position again.


    aren't u contradicting urself?

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  • prem_goel
    03-07 08:06 PM
    Hello Ann,
    I very much appreciate and thankful for your last reply. Unfortunately, the prospective employer did not agree to file her COS due to some of their own internal regulations.

    Now, the current employer through which my sister came here on B1 wants her here but is not willing to file a B1 Extension. Instead, they want her to travel back to India on the day her I-94 expires, and come back again immediately within a week, so that she can again continue to be here for another 90 days.

    I wanted to ask your opinion if you think that'll be a problem at Port of Entry? Ofcourse, my sister is going to carry all her documents and the letter, but I do not know if the Immigration Officer at PoE would create any problems/issue? This company however is a well-known company in the ranks of Google, Microsoft etc. That's the only consolation we have that it might be just okay.

    Please advise,

    Hi Prem,

    As long as your sister is complying with the terms of her B-1 admission, she is entitled to begin work for the new employer as soon as that employer files an H-1 petition requesting a change of status on her behalf. Pay stubs from her original H employer should not be required. The language quoted below is from a Nov. 2000 USCIS Q&A:

    "Q10: Who is eligible to use the H1B "portability" provisions?

    A10: The portability provisions allow a nonimmigrant alien previously issued an H-1B visa or otherwise accorded H-1B status to begin working for a new H-1B employer as soon as the new employer files an H-1B petition for the alien. Previously, aliens in this situation had to await INS approval before commencing the new H-1B employment. These provisions apply to H-1B petitions filed "before, on, or after" the date of enactment, so all aliens who meet this definition can begin using the portability provisions.

    Q11: Are there any other limitations on the portability provisions?

    A11: An alien must have been lawfully admitted into the United States. The new employer must have filed a "non-frivolous" petition while the alien was in a period of stay authorized by the Attorney General. A non-frivolous petition is one that has some basis in law or fact. INS plans to further define this in its implementing regulations. Subsequent to such lawful admission, the alien must not have been employed without authorization."

    However, if the request for a change of status is made too soon after her arrival USCIS could find that she committed fraud at entry. For that reason, I strongly advise that nothing be filed (including the LCA)until your sister has been here at least 30 days, and preferably 60 days.

    Also, if your sister was out of the US for a year or more, there is a possibility that she might be subject to the H-1 cap.

    Hope this information is helpful.



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  • eager_immi
    07-18 10:57 AM
    Let us all pledge to give atleast a $20, $50 monthly payments.

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  • trs80
    03-10 03:46 PM
    Hola USIRIT,

    Thanks God! My perm was certified in 38 days.
    Now we concurrent filed the USCIS forms.

    Any update about your case?


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  • xyzgc
    10-13 11:10 PM
    how abt dressing up as a mickey? they'll love u for it..;)

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  • guygeek007
    11-06 02:17 PM
    Hang in there my friend. My 140 was first filed in Jan 2006 and was RFE'd for ability to pay. This 140 was withdrawn and was refiled by my company's sister concern in June 2006. We waited for a year and then in June 2007, applied for premium processing just before that was closed down. The check and request for premium were returned with the reason that the original labor app was not provided. Then we received an RFE for ability to pay yet once again in Sept 2007. This was addressed in a very detailed fashion by the HR & CPA working closely with my attorney. Finally on Oct 31st there was the approval notice. Thus, my advice to you would be stay put and patient and it'll all work out. Good Luck!

    Congrats...I see hope from your case.
    My case still remains stuck in security check at USCIS TSC...395 days and counting :)


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  • gsc999
    04-19 03:59 PM
    [QUOTE=boldm28]Y cant you ask the same question in your home country assuming it is India
    you wont get any reply not in 100 years[/QUOTE
    baldm28: :p

    Cz Raju pays taxes in US.

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  • raju123
    06-26 02:51 PM
    Numberusa reported following possible 24 amendments and Cantwell/Kyl amendment is not there. I hope this news is not right.

    Democratic Amendments

    * Dodd-Menendez S.A. 1199: would increase the annual cap on green cards for parents and extend the parent visitor visa.
    * Webb S.A. 1313: Community ties for [amnesty]
    * Baucus-Tester S.A. 1236: would strike all reference[s] to REAL ID.
    * Sanders-Grassley S.A. 1332 : prohibits companies that have announced mass lay-offs from receiving any new visas, unless these companies could prove that overall employment at their companies would not be reduced by these lay-offs.
    * Byrd-Gregg-Cochran S.A. 1344: adds a $500 fee to obtain [amnesty] and sets aside the revenues collected in order to fund border and interior enforcement.
    * Menendez-Obama-Feingold S.A. 1317: increases family points in merit system
    * Brown S.A. 1340: requires that before employers can be approved to employ Y-1 workers, they must have listed the specific job opportunity with the state employment service agency.
    * McCaskill S.A. 1468: increases ban on federal contracts, grants or cooperative agreements to employers who are repeat violators of hiring immigrants who are not authorized to work
    * Levin-Brownback S.A.1486: gives access to Iraqis to apply for refugee status under existing U.S. law.
    * Leahy S.A. 1386: protect scholars who have been persecuted in their home countries on account of their beliefs, scholarship, or identity.
    * Schumer: provides for tamper-proof biometric social security cards
    * Boxer S.A. 1198: reduces Y visa cap by number of Y workers who overstay

    Republican Amendments

    * Alexander S.A. 1161: requires DHS and the Department of State to notify a foreign embassy when one of their nationals has become a U.S. citizen
    * Bond S.A. 1255: prohibits green cards for [illegal aliens granted amnesty]
    * Coleman S.A. 1473: outlaws state and local policies that prevent public officials * including police and health and safety workers (except for emergency medical assistance)*from inquiring about the immigration status of those they serve if there is �probable cause� to believe the individual being questioned is undocumented.
    * Domenici S.A. 1335/1258: increases Federal judgeships
    * Ensign S.A. 1490: redetermines work history for current beneficiaries of social security depending on their citizenship status
    * Graham S.A. 1465: enforcement. Still being drafted.
    * Grassley-Baucus-Obama S.A. 1441: strikes and replaces Title III on employer enforcement
    * Hutchinson S.A. 1440: changes the �touchback� requirement from the time of applying for adjustment of status, as it currently stands in the Senate proposed bill, to the time of applying for the Z visa. Increases the number of individuals required to touchback
    * Thune S.A. 1174: prevents [illegal aliens] from [being granted amnesty] until all triggers have been met.
    * Chambliss S.A. 1318: Totalization agreements
    * Isakson S.A. 1282: Preemption/Home Depot
    * Graham: Criminal penalties/mandatory minimums for overstays

    There is a news in news article thread that Senators Cantwell & Kyl have proposed a amendment which will open up a parallel employer sponsored GC path. Anyone has information regarding this amendment?


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  • BhanuPriya
    01-13 07:27 PM
    Hi All,

    Thanks for your patience. I was busy yesterday and I would like to provide you all proper information what I sent to FOIA. Here is the information I got from my folders.
    1) You need to fill the form G-639 to get the I-140 documents.
    2) Provide as much Information as possible about your case. Some of you doesn't have the Receipt Number, they may also fill the form G-639 and provide any other information you have. (Ex: Provide with thorough description of your case in a separate paper.)
    3) After filling the form, Notarise it (Your bank will do it)
    4) Attach all the documents with this form and send it to:

    USCIS National Record Center
    FOIA Division
    PO Box: 648010
    Lee Summit, MO 64064 - 5570

    5) There is no fee to submit this form. You will receive a receipt# within a week how they will process your request.

    6) There is no way your Employer/Lawyer know about it. Its in between you and FOIA Division.

    I feel myself proud to provide all these details to you since I know how difficult to stay with a blody sucking parasite Employer. I spent lot of sleepless nights and I decided to fight with bad/rogue Employers.

    Please keep in touch if you have any other details.


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  • gc_on_demand
    01-19 08:47 PM
    Democrats seem to be loosing senate seat in MA. Message is clear - in this great recession, people don't want more taxes especially when they are happy with their current healthcare policies and their healthcare coverage don't change a dime for those extra taxes. Especially, when MA people are already paying for state universal healthcare. Why should WE pay for THEM?

    Probably, this means healthcare reform is dead or congress embraces more conservative bill passed by senate. End of road for more tax burdensome things like cap-n-trade, climate change bill or controversial bills like immigration reform unless some less-conservative republicans are on board. If it is ever considered, be ready for more durbin-grassley measures in the final bill. Fate of the bill depends on what matters for elections in 2010, probably more populist measures like tax cuts, another stimulus, job growth measures will be focussed for rest of the year..

    None of us here has little luck... We were close to CIR this year and now new math is in picture.. Two possibility for CIR in 2010...

    (1) Dems will not touch it.
    (2) GOP will not support it because people will think Dems passed it and that will help them to win midterm election.


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  • go_guy123
    04-21 02:04 PM
    Actually GC on L1 can be really much faster because GC processing on L1 comes under special EB1 category. So if you are willing to take risk of loosing job on L1. I will recommend to go for GC under L1.

    No not all L1 fall into EB1...only multinational executives fall into that

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  • viper673
    06-07 09:17 PM
    I entered the US as a student in Jan '99 and did a couple of trips on my F1 visa and since I got my H1-B approval notice in 2001, I never left until last December '07 and returned with a stamped H1-B visa.

    I would be "ok" if they asked for all returns since 2001 as that's when I actually started working and used the H1-B, but why is he asking for returns from 1999, I have no clue...

    That's why I mentioned it feels like he wants to deny my applicatoin. Can he deny it if I can't produce the returns for '99 and '00 even though I filed my returns and the IRS can't produce evidence that I did or didn't?

    I do have the W-2's from '99 and '00...

    Any ideas/help from senior members or someone that had a similar situation?

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  • rheoretro
    09-25 04:37 PM
    I think we can get some financial support from Housing Market !

    The housing market is slowing down significantly and there are millions of unsold homes out there.

    More than 1/2 million people are stuck in the green card process. I am sure
    most are waiting for green card before they buy their house and make longtime commitment.

    I think we are a "Frozen" pool of customers for the Housing Market.

    500000 H1B X 200000 (average house price) = 100 billion dollar market is just
    inaccessible just because of retrogression.

    I think we should convince them to help us FINANCIALY.
    Please IV Core members take this idea seriously and at least
    SEND A LETTER TO National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) president.

    Thanks for the suggestion. You're kidding, right? And if you are serious, please draft the letter yourself, and good luck getting a response from NAHB!

    12-03 04:30 PM
    My wife is not H4, she is working on EAD and we applied her I-485 last July. She has to travel to India for an emegency. We applied for AP last month, have the receipt but it is not approved. Is it okay if she travels to India without AP approval? I will be here and I can take her approved AP when I go there after two months.

    I heard that if she travels without AP, her I-485 is considered abonded. Is this true? Can we apply for her H4 (as I am still on H1). Any advice on how to get her back?


    I think you should not take this risk. Once you leave the country without AP, the application is considered as revoked as per my reading somewhere. I am trying to find link.

    07-20 03:02 PM
    Use G325A since it has four pages. Each page will be sent to different places written at the left bottom of each page. My lawyer sent me G325A.

    I disagree. if you read the instructions on Form I-485 it clearly states nder the inital evidence that you are required to submit Form G325A. No where did they mention GA 325.

    So if i were you, I would agree to the earlier post to submit the G325A along with all your details in a letter or wait for a receipt.

    Consult your attorney.

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