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  • gc_buddy
    05-05 09:59 AM
    Years before, the back log was at Labor Stage, then when PERM Labor came into existance, the back log was at 485 stage, now with non-concurrent filing I think the I 140 will get backlogged.


    05/05/2008: USCIS May Initiate Rule Making Process in June 2008 for Termination of Concurrent I-140/I-485 Filing Procedure

    * As we reported earlier, the USCIS has been considering halting the concurrent filing procedure quite some time. Initially it was planning to commence the procedure to publish this proposed rule in November 2008. However, the latest information reflects that the proposed may be released next month, June 2008 with the two months of comment period through August 2008. People are cautioned that this is just a "proposed" rule stage. After the comment period is over, the agency will still have to go through the final rule making procedure with another cycle of OMB review and publication of the rule. There are nothing to panic about at this time. However, people may be conscious of the upcoming change in the filing procedures for I-140 petition and I-485 application from the current single-tier procedure when the visa number is available to the two-tier procedure. Please stay tuned to this website for this important development of immigration procedure changes.

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  • cbrnet
    06-10 02:10 PM
    I was tested positive with the skin test and by chest x-ray turned out to be negative. Also my family doctor prescribed a medication for 6 months course and I got the letter from the doctor after 6 months confirming the course of medication. The USCIS sent an RFE when they were about to process my I-485 and I sent the letter from the doctor confirming my chest x-ray was negative and the letter supporting the completion of 6 months medication.


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  • illinois_alum
    05-27 09:30 PM
    I had e-filed for me and my wife on 05/14.
    App went to NSC. Sent docs on 05/19 - delivered on 05/21
    Soft LUD on 05/17, 05/18 and on 05/24
    Got receipts on 05/21

    Yesterday (05/25) got ASC notice for FP for my wife.. did not know that FP is needed for EAD.
    I thought last time we got FP notice.. it said app type as I-485.. that time.. in July fiasco.. we had applied for 485/EAD/AP all together

    Have not got my FP notice yet

    I have a Que - my daughter is 7 and initially the attorney had applied for EAD for her too... but then after the first time (2007) I did not apply for her EAD.. I thought no point in wasting $340 every time..

    Now since FP notices are coming for my wife and hopefully for me - how about FP notice for my daughter? Do I need to apply for EAD for her.. to get FP notice?
    If I don't get FP notice for her - will her Case be ok?

    I e-filed for my wife on 5/24 - application was submitted to NSC.
    Sof LUDs on 5/25, 5/26 and 5/27
    Sent documents on 5/25 - Received by NSC on 5/27
    Received Receipt Notice on 5/27
    Waiting for FP notice (last FP was ~2 years back at the time of last EAD renewal)

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  • Joybose
    08-14 02:58 PM
    Just now my lawyer called to tell that she got all my receipts , filed on july 2nd but my wifes application was rejected for "insufficient filing fees", I had put in a single check for $745 , how can this be, it was both in the same fedex packet, she says it is some "mailroom error", so she sent back the application with a letter and my receipt copy to accept. My app also had a $745 check and that was receipted,
    Has this happned to anyone, please respond , i am wondering if what my lawyer did was correct, pls share your experiences.
    Hey, which service center, Texas or Nebraska.


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  • permfiling
    01-22 01:30 PM

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  • pns27
    06-28 03:26 PM
    Did any one heard of EB3 India 485 Approved after June 26? Looks like EB3 visa numbers for this quarter for India is exhausted! If so then who many will be available in next quarter?

    When will the 40K unused EB quota of visa numbers will be available /open? In mid September? Can any of the Gurus explain this?

    My friend took info-pass and he was told that the EB3 India visa numbers are over for now and his case may be approved in next quota.

    Looks like the first 40K in the 485 queue whose processing is done will get there 485�s approved in late September.

    For some one like me who files 485 in June chances of approval in this year is less.:confused:

    I just want to set the expectations real so that we will not be subjected to perpetual checking of online LUD/Status, forums and also avoid huge disappointment.

    Concurrent I-140/I-485: No
    PD June 2002-non-RIR
    I-140 approved from NSC
    Mailed to (state NSC/TSC): NSC
    Received at (state NSC/TSC): NSC
    Receipt Date: 06/07/07
    Notice Date: 06/22/07
    FP Noticed Received on:?


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  • kk_kk
    05-19 11:50 AM
    You just have to justify by saying, you have been in US on H1B visa and you came back after you have completed your project. Aftre that it is upto consulate.

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  • number30
    03-28 04:14 PM
    Where did you send it? Tax returns with ITIN Requests will go to different address.


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  • ArkBird
    07-09 04:22 PM
    I think your asylum status is triggering red light. VO has all the reasons to believe that your family may also apply for asylum once they are in USA because you did even with strong family ties in home country.

    Hope this helps.


    My parents went to request for visitor visa for a second time. They got rejected again. This time only my parents applied, without my brothers. They showed the VO a letter stating reasons why they won't immigrate to the US (have 3 sons in Indonesia, taking care of elderly parent and have business & properties in Indonesia). The letter also stated that parents only want a short duration visa just to attend my wedding. All questions VO asked was about me, that I got asylum and didn't come back. Now I really don't know what to do. Should I include a notarized letter from me stating that I will make sure my parents go back to Indonesia within the allowed time? My parents don't have the intention to immigrate but I don't know how they can convince the VO.

    I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you so much!

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  • walking_dude
    11-25 11:52 AM
    Dear Friend,

    Immigration Voice (IV) [http://www.immigrationvoice.org] (http://www.immigrationvoice.org%5D), a grassroots organization working to solve the issues faced by employment-based immigrants, is planning a DC Rally during the first week of March 2009 to bring the issues faced by our community to the notice of US lawmakers.

    Details of this initiative are provided here - http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=22519

    I request you to join IV as a member and support this initiative by indicating your interest to participate in the DC Rally and Lobby Day (visiting lawmaker offices to seek their support)

    As you might know our community is facing the following situation

    1) 140,000 total numbers per year worldwide vs. 1 million applicants and their families waiting in the line. Some from 2001 and may be before that ! It's common sense that it will take at least 6 years to clear just the current backlog, if there were no per country quotas.

    2) Per country quotas of 7% exacerbate the situation to applicants from high-demand countries like India, China, Mexico and Phillipines. Approximately just 10,000 visa numbers are available to India where as it's estimated that at least 44% of the applicants may be from India ( based on USCIS statistics of around 44% of H1bs being granted to India every year). As spouse and children are counted, considering 4 members per family, on an average only 2500 Indian applicants get Green cards in a year. As you can see the numbers are dismal.

    Meaning, if you are from India, China, Mexico or Phillipines, you may have to wait 10 to 12 years to get your Green Card or more

    3) Between USCIS and DOS (Department of State that runs the Visa bulletin) a number visas get wasted every year, worsening the already BAD situation. For instance between 1994 and now 218,000 GCs were wasted by USCIS. ]If the trend continues, it may well mean 15+ years for India/China/Mexico/Phillipines

    Now I know the problems ! What's the solution?

    1) Increase worldwide EB GC numbers to 290,000 per year or more
    2) Eliminate country quotas
    3) Exempt spouses and children ( dependents) from the GC quota (this will effectively double the quota)
    4) Since USCIS inefficiency cannot be fixed by us, implement a 'Rollover' of unused visas to the next year(s)
    5) Recapture the unused number of 218,000 visas . This may mean you'll get GC or at least see PDs jump forward by a few years (reducing your wait time tremendously)
    6) Lobby USCIS to relax USCIS strict determination of 'same and similar jobs' (defined by AC21 law) to provide job mobility and promotions.

    I know the solution. But, pray, who'll bell the cat?

    Fortunately for us, there is an organization that is working 100% exclusively for our cause. Immigration Voice ( http://www.immigrationvoice.org) a non-profit organization formed by EB immigrants to work for our cause. Starting with barely 200 members when it was formed in 2005, now it boasts a membership of 30,000 members and around 30 state chapters serving every US state with significant EB immigrant population.

    Immigration Voice ( fondly called IV by it's members) lobbies the US Congress and USCIS to provide relief to us. They have hired a high-profile lobbying firm Patton Bloggs to do lobbying for our cause. In addition they also do grassroots lobbying at State chapter level with the local Congressmen.

    What's Lobbying? Is it Legal for non-citizens ?

    Lobbying or 'Advocacy' is the act of Petitoning the US Government to redress issues faced by any person living in the United States. It's a right guaranteed by US Constitution (First Amendment) to every person living in the United States, citizen or not.

    Just like you can argue your own case in a court of law (if you choose to do it), you can also lobby or petition the US Government on your own. If you chose so, you can also hire a professional lobbying firm to do it for you, just like you can hire a lawyer to represent you in the court. Both are legally guaranteed rights. It's common sense that a professional does a better job - be it an experienced lawyer or a lobbying firm. Getting professional help greatly increases the chances of success.

    Boy, It must be really COSTLY to hire those DC Lobbyists?

    You are right. They are costly, but IV has been managing to keep the effort funded through sacrifices of it's Leadership (IV Core group), voluntary contributions from it's members, local fundraising campaigns by State chapters and selling IV-branded merchandise.

    Contributions are what keep IV ticking and working for you.

    I understand IV has been doing all this? Have they had any success so far? I don't want to invest in a campaign destined for failure !

    IVs success record so far in the order of signifance to EB community

    1) July Visa bulletin Reversal - Due to flip-flop by USCIS 350,000 applicants were denied the promised ability to file I-485 in July 2007. Chances are you might have been one of them ! We faced the grim prospect of losing thousands of dollars and countless hours of effort .

    IV conducted 'Flower Campaign', i.e sending Flowers to USCIS director Emilio Ganzales to request redressal of this unfair decision (in the spirit of passive resistance movement of Mahatma Gandhi). It provided wide media coverage to the issue nationwide.

    IV through it's California chapter, conducted the successful 'San Jose Rally' to highlight the isue to the Congressmen through the media. It also took an active role in petitioning San Jose Congresswoman Rep. Zoe Lofgren to help fix the issue. As it turns out Madame Lofgren, who also happens to be the Chairwoman of House sub-commitee on Immigration, was instrumental in forcing USCIS to rescind (revert) it's prior unjust decision ! An IV effort that paid rich dividends.

    IV actively particpated in discussions with USCIS in deciding the modality of reversing the decision, and was the first group to announce it, even before USCIS and US Department of State !

    IV Walked the Talk and helped the EB Community immensely

    3) Lobbying USCIS for administrative reforms - IV participated in the FBI Namecheck backlog reduction meeting ( when it approached alarming figures with some waiting for 1-3 years), where USCIS announced increased FBI funding to expedite the checks and other process improvements to increase efficiency.

    IV also successfully lobbied USCIS to increase validity of EAD/AP to 2 years from the previous validity period of 1 year. It has resulted in a saving of at least $1400 per year for every EB immigrant family that has filed I-485

    IV continues to lobby USCIS to relax USCIS strict determination of 'same and similar jobs' (defined by AC21 law) to provide job mobility and promotions

    All right. Is there anything I can do to help IV?

    Definitely ! IV is an organization of volunteers just like you and me. There are several ways you can help IV. For starters by participating in the very important upcoming DC Rally and the Lobby Day.

    Just spread the word. Forward this E-mail to all your friends waiting for GCs.

    1) Join : IV forums are a good source for finding answers to Immigration related matters and exchange information. IV also conducts pro-bono (FREE) lawyer conferences for members on a regular basis.

    Website link - http://www.immigrationvoice.org.
    Member registration - http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/register.php

    2) Contribute : As you have understood, Lobbying requires lot of funding. IV needs your support to keep the good work running.

    You can contribute either one time or join as a monthly (recurring) contributor [preferred] here -

    You can send ANY AMOUNT to IV as a contribution. All you need to do it create a PayPal account (if you don't have one), register a bank acount/Credit Card with PayPal (if not already done). Send money to IV using E-mail id - donations@immigrationvoice.org

    3) Volunteer : If you are open to volunteering, you can join your local State Chapter of IV. State chapters conduct activities such -

    a) Lawmaker meetings with Congressmen to discuss issues faced by EB immigrants
    b) Fundraising at local Events
    c) IV publicity through Flyers at public places & Events
    d) Local media outreach to get media coverage for EB community

    Benefits of joining : State Chapters provide more detailed coverage of IV updates issued from time to time than available at IV forums (restricted due to presence of anti-immigrants). They also provide updates early ( 2-3 days before stuff gets posted on IV)

    How to join ? : Yahoo/Google groups for the State chapters are listed here.
    http://immigrationvoice.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=72&Itemid=52 ( Scroll to the bottom !)

    Submit a request to join your State chapter with your - IV id, Full Name, E-mail, Telephone number (mandatory to filter anti-immigrants). State chapter leaders will call to verify and you are in !

    You have covered it in detail. Yet, I have many unanswered questions! Whom should I contact to get more info?

    Ask IV !

    Call - (202) 386-6250
    E-mail - info@immigrationvoice.org


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  • kingkon_2000
    04-16 09:56 AM
    Hi folks,

    Just got back from UK on Friday after a month of family time, medicals and our embassy interview! Wanted to let you all know that we were approved and happily back in the US!!

    Congrats on the latest admin wins and movements in campaigns/projects. I wanted to say a huge thank you but not farewell to the many kind folks who kept my spirits high in the short time I have been with IV:
    abhijitp, needhelp, digital2k, paskal, gsc999, waiting4gc, pappu, chanduv23, santb1975, nolaindian32, walking dude, ja1hind, logiclife and many more. All of you rock and America is very lucky to have such genuine and brilliant people like you. I wish you the very best for your own journey.

    I will be around for sure, just have to concentrate on securing some work and life for a bit, finally!

    my best :)

    Congratulations to you and family... seems like things are moving forward for us... Really happy for you...

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  • bmoni
    01-28 06:28 PM
    First thing, call one of the high powered attorneys discuss with them what options you have.

    I think there is a recent court ruling that will favor you in fighting the USCIS decisions.
    This is the first time we're (I'm) seeing such a denial notice related to the recent memo. So who ever thinks this is just a memo or USCIS reiterating existing rules. Rethink your stand. I'm sure more people will wake up soon.

    Keep up the hope. Don't wait if possible try to apply for another new H1B.

    Thanks for posting the denial notice. I feel your pain. Again don't lose your hope keep up the fight. If you hear any updates please do post them.


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  • gc_chahiye
    06-11 06:02 PM
    You may port the PD as well as get 3 yrs extension based on previously approved I-140 regardless of employer as long as I-140 is not revoked.

    what happens to the H1 extension if the I-140 is subsequently revoked?

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  • jthomas
    01-10 08:41 PM
    What are the options for a H1B holder when he/she gets laid off during this present economy?

    I voted as yes, I know my friends who had been laid off from work.

    J thomas


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  • CantLeaveAmerica
    04-10 09:27 PM

    The officer asked several questions

    Where do I work
    What is my job title
    Am I married
    Do I have Kids
    What is my current address and proof of it.
    What is my wedding date
    Hav I travelled out of USA from last entry
    Did I ever get any money in form of help from Immigration
    Checked my pay chq (current) and w-2 for 2007.
    Asked for Employment verification letter
    Asked to show I 94 card

    Asked all the questions which I guess are on the 485 form, the questions are generally not relevant to people like us: Examples are below

    Do I have any illegal kids (hahaha)
    Was I ever involved with any terrorist org
    Have I ever tried to being in ilegals to USA
    Have I ever worked as a Prostitute (lol)

    In particular the only question which surprised me was when I was asked to descirbe what my job responsibilities are....I was prepared for it and the officer was matching it with the job description used for my PERM

    The officer was very nice and helpful. I got done in like 20-25 min and she said that the case is approvable. We just need to wait for the Visa #.

    Hope this helps people out here........Good Luck ALL.

    Thanks Piyu7444...did they ask for all paystubs of previous years or were they only interested in the current paystub as mentioned by you?
    Also, do the job responsibilities have to match exactly word4word as in LC? Or can I explain to similar extent?

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  • rc0878
    09-23 09:58 AM
    what does the priority date column on the recipt notice say?

    Does it show the actual priority date or is it blank or something else?


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  • needhelp!
    02-13 04:50 PM
    Lets do it for us!

    IV' ans of Southern California,

    We need your help in making the Admin Fixes Campaign Successful. We are organizing a Southern California IV Meetup and Letter Signing Event this Weekend. We are targeting to get a 1000 letters signed and sent to the White House from our group. We need volunteers to print letter templates, get envelopes/stamps and most importantly bring family, friends and colleagues to this event. Please see below for details about the Venue.

    Where: Woodlands Restaurant 11833 Artesia Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701
    When: Sunday, Feb 17'th
    Start Time: 2 PM

    Please post on this thread if you can print letter templates, bring in envelopes/stamps, bring in family/friends to the venue or help out in any other way. Thanks

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  • poorslumdog
    09-04 03:38 PM
    If at this rate the people are dying, In 1-2 years every one will be finished.
    Do they die because of RAT FEVER, SLUM DOG FEVER, MONKEY FEVER or SWINE FLUE ???

    Man...you rock

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  • chanduv23
    03-14 06:50 AM
    If someone completes their residency in US and gets a license to practice medicine, will this MD degree be valid in Canada and Australia?
    My wife is doing her residency and due to this retrogression we want to have a plan B, and for plan B we want to know if it is worth moving to Canada or Australia after she completes her Residency? While I am in IT, I think the job scene is almost same everywhere which is based on experience.

    I am sure a lot of IV members are physicians and would be looking into these options also. Please share your thoughts.

    01-25 02:37 PM
    should be an easy task for folks who live in the east bay to show up at the Fremont station and pass handouts.

    If you cannot do this much, then it is .....

    BTW janislal I will be wearing the IV T shirt that carries the slogan of the linux community:)

    People who cannot volunteer, at least drop off your own signed letters... or just come & sign them, we will give you a pen and a letter ready to be signed!

    12-03 11:58 AM
    What your lawyer says in incorrect. I have had my visa stamped successfully only for 3 months validity in the past. Even this time I have only 2 months left (until Feb 2008) but am still going for stamping. So do not worry. As long as you have one more day left, you can get it stamped. Good luck.

    bach007 , I do very much appreciate your reply. I did call up mumbai and delhi visa center and they also said the same thing. Needless to say my lawyer needs to do lot of reading and research before answering any queries.

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